Registered Aircraft - No PPR Required

The Following Aircraft are registered to fly in and out of CFB Greenwood without a PPR.  The aircraft have been listed alphabetically by call letter.

For more detail see the Printable List of Registered Aircraft                                       

Categories:  B = based at CYZX,  F = Frequent visitors, and C = Commercial

Call Letters
Pilots/ Owners Category
1 CFAUX Debert Flying Club C
2 CFAYI Garth Barber F
3 CFBIC Bernard Rector C
4 CFBOG Andrew Robertson F
5 CFBSW Brian Pinsent F
6 CFCNX Goddard Tom, Peter F
7 CFCVU Kevin Cuthbertson F
8 CFDCN Don Bondi F
9 CFDCX Vision Air C
10 CFDML Prov of Nova Scotia C
11 CFDRN Robert Northrup F
12 CFEAN Kenneth G Pothier F
13 CFESS Irving Air Service C
14 CFFZQ James Lockyer and Bob Rosebrugh F
15 CFGMG Shoreland Transport (Jamie Ellis) C
16 CFIAL Sproule Calvin B
17 CFJAW Bruce Strum F
18 CFKZD Eassons Transport, Paul Easson B
19 CFLDF Dollard LeBlanc F
20 CFMGC Shoreland Transport (Jamie Ellis) C
21 CFMKS Andre Merks F
22 CFMND Kevin Howe B
23 CFMNM Gordon Squires B
24 CFNAL Sproule Calvin F
25 CFPNS Manan Air Services Inc C
26 CFQQQ Dico Reijers F
27 CFRKI Irving Air Service C
28 CFRSB Easson Paul B
29 CFSED Steve Eastwick F
30 CFUXQ Peter Burnie F
31 CFWOF Larry Hake F
32 CFWRB Kevin Lowe F
33 CFXPP Horridge Steve B
34 CFXPP Pierre Malo  
35 CFXQO Brian Pound F
36 CFYLY Brian Parsons F
37 CFYPP Francois Seger F
38 CFYPU Burbidge Scott B
39 CGBJJ Dico Reijers F
40 CGBSS Ron Belliveau F
41 CGBXQ Debert Flying Club C
42 CGDGL Paul LeBlanc F
43 CGDIY Forsyth Carlton F
44 CGDNM Russell James F
45 CGDNM Dr Ed Rafuse  
46 CGDVH Roger Cormier and Gerry Langille F
47 CGEDH Debert Flying Club C
48 CGEJV Eric J Versnick F
49 CGEOK Eassons Transport, Paul Easson B
50 CGFPY Irving Air Service C
51 CGFRN Irving Oil Transport Inc C
52 CGFRU Debert Flying Club C
53 CGGDG David Williamson F
54 CGGSX Vision Air C
55 CGHHC Kaizer Douglas F
56 CGHME Manan Air Services Inc C
57 CGILS Sable Aviation 44 60 Inc C
58 CGILV Manan Air Services Inc C
59 CGIPJ Eric J Versnick F
60 CGIVY Blenkharn Ian, Bob Rowe B
61 CGIVY Bob Rowe  
62 CGJDI Irving Air Service C
63 CGJKI Irving Air Service C
64 CGJTF David Williamson F
65 CGJUF Maurice Chasse F
66 CGKGS Manan Air Services Inc C
67 CGLAF Prov of Nova Scotia C
68 CGLEP Ron Belliveau F
70 CGMDM Brian Pound F
71 CGOCY Alan Farrell (fuel) F
72 CGOFN Brinley Peck F
73 CGOWD Trevor Jain F
74 CGPEL Christopher Both F
75 CGPKF Robert Rowe F
76 CGPTF Michael A Lowe F
77 CGPTG Maritime Air Charters C
78 CGRLL Wada Raouf F
79 CGROE Val Kyte C
80 CGRVD Kenneth Jones F
81 CGRZW Daniel MacLeod F
82 CGSAL Michael A Lowe F
83 CGSFT Peter Gow F
84 CGTDI Debert Flying Club C
85 CGUND Maritime Air Charters C
86 CGWFT Steve Christienson F
87 CGWLC Thomas Schaefer F
88 CGXCH Vision Air C
89 CGXFM Ernest Prowse F
90 CGXHA Richard Murray Land Survey Brandon Bene F
91 CGXPB Peter Burnie F
92 CGXUG Maritime Air Charters C
93 CGZDT Albert Rice F
94 CGZUN Prov of Nova Scotia C
95 CGZZG Nuave Aerial Services Inc. Eric Sawler B
96 CIGNU Ken Cheslock F
97 CIMDM Mosher, Cyril, Phil, Steve B
98 CIMOO Gary Mercer F
99 N173VS Geoff Gerhaardt F
100 N272DW Jack Fickes F

- Updated: 25 Oct 2016