About Freedom Aviation Society

Freedom Aviation Society operates the general aviation part of the Greenwood airport.

Our Civic Address is:  566 Ad Astra Way, Greenwood, NS

N 44° 58' 42.76"   W 64° 55' 14.64"

Mapquest searchable map:

Greenwood Canadian Airforce Base Map
Aerial View of Canadian Forces Base Greenwood
(click on image for larger image)




Aerial View of Area where General Aviation is Located

Aerial View zoomed in to show location of General Aviation operations  (click image to enlarge)



The Board of Directors are:

  • Paul Easson , Chair
  • Gary Dunfield
  • Eric Sawler
  • Steve Christiansen

You can reach us at mailto:info@freedomaviation.ca
or pauleasson@hotmail.com

Annual Reports FAS

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