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News: Lease Signed, Training, Air Cadets

On  the 7th of Aug 2018, the Municipality of Kings and 14 Wing Greenwood signed a 15 year ramp space lease with 2 five year renewals starting  1st July 2018.  This will allow us to begin construction of 3 bay hanger (each bay 50 x 60 feet with its own aircraft access door) for planned completion in December 2018.  Future plans are in place for additional hanger space when funding is secured.  During September 2018 we will have hanger leases ready for aircraft owners to sign for Dec occupancy.

We continue to discuss operating flight training at CYZX  with the Debert Flying club but nothing is finalized to date.

Familiarization flights from our ramp for Air Cadets are happening during August.

There were no new flight safety incidents between 1 Jan and 30 Jun 2018.

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