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2018 Annual Report of the Freedom Aviation Society

FAS has released its annual report for last year. The highlights are:

The lease between 14 Greenwood and Municipality of kings finalized,  Air Cadets began familiarization flights for approximately 500 cadets using FAS office and buying fuel., Debert Flight Centre established a satellite flight training unit at Greenwood including aircraft rental, and during 2018 their were 5,234 civilian aircraft movements (about 35 % of total field movements) at CYZX. 

FAS is looking forward to 2019 and further developing operations at CYZX.

In August the Atlantic Canada International Air Show will be held at 14 Wing Greenwood.  Over 10,000 people are expected to attend. .FAS will provide suport.

9000 square feet of hanger space was completed in May 2019. We are planning additional 6000 square feet of hanger space and 2000 square feet of office space as funds are available

The full 2018 Annual Report 

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