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News: Lease Signed, Training, Air Cadets

On  the 7th of Aug 2018, the Municipality of Kings and 14 Wing Greenwood signed a 15 year ramp space lease with 2 five year renewals starting  1st July 2018.  This will allow us to begin construction of 3 bay hanger (each bay 50 x 60 feet with its own aircraft access door) for planned completion in December 2018.  Future plans are in place for additional hanger space when funding is secured.  During September 2018 we will have hanger leases ready for aircraft owners to sign for Dec occupancy.

We continue to discuss operating flight training at CYZX  with the Debert Flying club but nothing is finalized to date.

Familiarization flights from our ramp for Air Cadets are happening during August.

There were no new flight safety incidents between 1 Jan and 30 Jun 2018.

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Freedom Aviation Society 2017 Annual Report

The annual report of the Society is now available on the FAS 'About Us' page or use the following link:

2017 Annual Report

Incidents Occurances List Updated

A new Occurance List is on the Flight Safety Page

Concept of Design - Hangers

Below is a conceptual drawing of what is proposed for Greenwood.  It shows our ramp, fueling system, hangers and the office/ reception on front of hanger 1.  For more images go to Project Page

Two Hangers will each have 3 bays that are 60 x 50 feet with doors (50 foot wide) opening to the area between hangers. Aircraft would taxi out the 65 foot space between hangers to the ramp.  The ramp is about 2 acres so lots of room out there.  This will fully utilize the south portion of our ramp.

The T hanger option was about the same cost per aircraft as putting two aircraft in the above bay.  The above bays will handle from 2 to 4 single engine aircraft and have the flexibility to hold larger aircraft.  They also have the flexibility to price differently for varying sizes of aircraft.  For these reasons we are not pursuing the T Hanger option at this time.  However the T hanger option for 8 aircraft would fit nicely on the west end of our ramp if demand supported it and funds were available.

It is estimate that we are $100,000 to $200,000 short of funds to complete the above.  We will look for additional sources of funds or delete one hanger bay to come in budget.

There will be a general information meeting to discuss these plans over the next two or three weeks.


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