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Recurrent Sesssion - 17 October 2020

GA Recurrent Session Poster General Aviation Recurrent Sessi

  • 17 October 2020 - 1300  to 1500 hours
  • Hanger - Airpark - CFB Greenwood
  • BBQ from 1100 to 1300 hours

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Greenwood Open to Civilian Aircraft

As of June10, 

CYZX and Freedom Aviation civilian ramp are now open for all aircraft registered (both CYZX resident and non CYZX resident aircraft).  If not registered then aircraft will require PPR as before.

Watch the NOTAMs on IFR approaches as not operational for civilian aircraft at present due to trees in crouching on the approaches.

Remember social distancing practices remain in effect

2019 Freedom Aviation Annual Report

Last Annual Report is available HERE and on our FAS information Page.

2018 Annual Report of the Freedom Aviation Society

FAS has released its annual report for last year. The highlights are:

The lease between 14 Greenwood and Municipality of kings finalized,  Air Cadets began familiarization flights for approximately 500 cadets using FAS office and buying fuel., Debert Flight Centre established a satellite flight training unit at Greenwood including aircraft rental, and during 2018 their were 5,234 civilian aircraft movements (about 35 % of total field movements) at CYZX. 

FAS is looking forward to 2019 and further developing operations at CYZX.

In August the Atlantic Canada International Air Show will be held at 14 Wing Greenwood.  Over 10,000 people are expected to attend. .FAS will provide suport.

9000 square feet of hanger space was completed in May 2019. We are planning additional 6000 square feet of hanger space and 2000 square feet of office space as funds are available

The full 2018 Annual Report 

Hanger Opening Fly-in -- June 29th

Freedom Aviation and the Annapolis Valley Flying Association opened a  new three bay, general aviation hanger at Greenwood Airport on June 29th.  An open house was  a chance to see our new facility, chat with local pilots help us kick off a summer of flying in the Annapolis Valley.  BBQ and refreshments were provided at lunch time.  Images of the festivities can be seen on the AVFA Photo Gallery


New Updated SOP's for CYZX (Dec 2018)

If you fly in and out of CYZX you must be familiar with the Standard Operional Procedures. There are additional instruction for itinerant operations.  See the INfORMATION page

Hangers Going Up

The first hanger for the airpark is going up quickly. As of the 15th December the roof trusses are being placed. The hanger is 50 ft x 180 ft so you can imaging the number of plywood sheets needed to roof it. I calculate over 300 depending on the overhang and roof pitch.

This view is south away from the taxiway.  (click on image for large version)

News Update - CYZX

-- Night operation from Freedom Aviation ramp and Hotel taxiway has been approved as of October 10. New taxiway edge reflectors have been installed along Taxiway Hotel to allow this.  Reflective tape will be installed on the gate and gate posts in the future to increase visibility.  Night users be careful and always ask ground control for help if your not totally confident and familiar operating on our ramp and taxiway Hotel at night.  Thank you to 14 Wing for this solution.

-- Hanger construction began last week and will continue through to 31 Dec 2018.  Be prepared for some construction zone activity on and south of the ramp.  We will keep the inconvenience to a minimum.  Sign up for hanger space will start in November for occupancy in Jan 2019.  I will advise when rental documents are ready.

-- We have another quarter ended 30 Sep 2018 with no reported flight safety incidents.  Please be sure you are familiar with the airport diagram especially the new taxiway Mike which will get a lot of use by us as it connects two runways and accesses runway 12 / 30 directly across from Taxiway Hotel and our ramp.

-- Flight instruction is scheduled to begin during November 2018 with a transport Canada approval pending.

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