Welcome to General Aviation at CFB Greenwood

Altered Operations 21 to 29th August

Access into / out of FAS from Aug 21st till the 29th will be altered.  

  • Runway 12/30 will also be closed.  
  • There will be barriers/gates up across Hotel and Bravo.

Operations can still happen at FAS during that time period.  However, the aircraft will have to arr/dep from Rwy 08/26 and taxi in via Bravo.  Air Show personnel are to be available to open/close the gates for aircraft to access FAS.  This will be coordinated between Tower and Air Show personnel.  But there may be some delays in getting these barriers opened up so pilots should be warned to expect some delays on taxi.  Additionally pilots should anticipate doing run ups on a taxiway/ramp closer to runway 26 vice just outside of FAS.
On the day of the Air Shows (Sat & Sun) all fly in aircraft must be down and taxied in by 09:30 Local.  The NOTAM restricting the airspace will be coming out about a week prior to the show.  The airspace will become sterile at that point and no one will be permitted in or out.  The timings for the NOTAM are below, but note that should the displays end early enough, and the crowds dispersed enough, earlier departures might be able to be conducted.
AUG 25  1300z -  2359z
AUG 26  1230z -  2200z
AUG 27  1230z -   2200z

For the Air Show Atlantic Fly In page see  www.airshowatlantic.ca

Anyone wishing to attend the Air Show as a Fly-In Aircraft may do so only with permission of the Air Show Atlantic Air Operations Director. There are several guidelines that we must insist be adhered to and then we may grant permission to be on-site for Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday of the Air Show week:
Image of private aircraft

  • Aircraft must be on the ground and at the Air Show entry area on Bravo Taxiway by 0930 local either day of the Show.
  • No arrivals will be permitted on Friday August 25
  • There will be refueling available on-site, but Air Show operational needs will be considered highest priority. This will be especially enforced between 1700 and 1830 local.
  • Arrival dates and times must be coordinated by the Air Operations Staff and agreed to by the participant aircraft
  • No Customs and Immigration services are available at the Greenwood Airport. If you are flying from outisde of Canada, your aircraft must clear Canadian Customs and Immigration elsewhere before arriving in Greenwood.
  • Limited aircraft parking and tie-downs in designated areas will be available. Parking will be inside the Freedom Aviation enclosure with some overflow immediately outside the FAS gate. Aircraft will be monitored through the Day by Annapolis Valley Flying Association personnel to keep the public from accessing the Aircraft.
  • Be sure to read the NOTAM when it comes out for the week of the Show.  It will be issued at least 7 days before the Show dates and a link to it can be seen here (use CYZX as the aerodrome)
  • Admission to the Air Show is by paid admission. You may get information about purchasing tickets in advance online by clicking here and is highly recommended. No viewing of the Air Show will be available from your aircraft parking area, but you will be directed to the admission gate upon arrival.
  • You will not be allowed back to your aircraft after it is parked and secured until after flying is complete for that day, This is expected to be between 1630 and 1700 local.  After this time, access to your aircraft may be requested through the Hosting Centre and AVFA staff.

To request a fly in experience to the Air Show,
If we haven't scared you off...
Please contact us by e-mail at flyins@airshowatlantic.ca

Freedom Aviation Annual Report

The 2016 annual report of the Freedom Aviation Society has been posted on the 'About' page.

Direct Link Here

Flight Training and Aircraft Rental


5 November 2016

Debert Flight Centre will be at CYZX to provide pilot check outs and sight seeing flights. Pending demand we may have two aircraft and two instructors for two solid days! Flights will start at 10 am.   

To book a flight call at 902-662-2228. The cost per hour is $165 for renting the aircraft and $35 for the instructor. If a renter needs to do any remedial training, it must take place at Debert.  After the Nov 5th the Cessna 172 aircraft will be parked in Greenwood at Annapolis Valley Regional Air Park available for rent by pilots who have completed the check ride.


Flight instructors will bring as much of the material they can that is required to convert a military pilot license to civilian. Call 902-662-2228 to discuss with the instructors.  See FLIGHT TRAINING below.

GROUND SCHOOL for Private Pilot License

Ground school will be run from the aviation museum on Tuesday and Thursdays from 7-10.  The cost will be $300/ student. This is planned to start mid November so call 902-662-2228 to book your seat.


Debert Flight Centre can not at this time do private pilot training or conversions at Greenwood. Any one interested in getting a license can come for a sight seeing flight. This training can be booked in Debert for now.   Applications to provide flight training at CYZX are underway but no proposed start date is available so far.  As more info on Greenwood start date is available we will let you know.

Concept of Design - Hangers

Below is a conceptual drawing of what is proposed for Greenwood.  It shows our ramp, fueling system, hangers and the office/ reception on front of hanger 1.  For more images go to Project Page

Two Hangers will each have 3 bays that are 60 x 50 feet with doors (50 foot wide) opening to the area between hangers. Aircraft would taxi out the 65 foot space between hangers to the ramp.  The ramp is about 2 acres so lots of room out there.  This will fully utilize the south portion of our ramp.

The T hanger option was about the same cost per aircraft as putting two aircraft in the above bay.  The above bays will handle from 2 to 4 single engine aircraft and have the flexibility to hold larger aircraft.  They also have the flexibility to price differently for varying sizes of aircraft.  For these reasons we are not pursuing the T Hanger option at this time.  However the T hanger option for 8 aircraft would fit nicely on the west end of our ramp if demand supported it and funds were available.

It is estimate that we are $100,000 to $200,000 short of funds to complete the above.  We will look for additional sources of funds or delete one hanger bay to come in budget.

There will be a general information meeting to discuss these plans over the next two or three weeks.